• Which iPads and iOS versions does Changes support?

        Currently, Changes is compatible with iOS 11 and up. We are currently only supporting the following iPads:
        - iPad mini 4 (2015)
        - iPad Pro 1st Gen (2015/2016)
        - iPad 7th Gen (2017)
        - iPad Pro 2nd Gen (2017)
        - iPad 8th Gen (2018)
        - iPad Pro 3rd Gen (2018)
        -iPad Air (2019)
        -iPad Mini (2019)
        We are looking into ways we can support older iPads, however we are utilizing technologies that require a lot of computing power, and we aren’t quite sure yet if the older devices can stand up to the task.
      • If i’m on iOS 11, will Changes work?

        Yes, however, we have noticed a very rare bug in which the microphone will not work. We are currently investigating and attempting a fix. We highly recommend if you can to update your iPad to the latest iOS version (iOS 12.3)
      • Can I use iPad audio hardware with changes?

        Yes! We actually highly recommend you do especially for electric guitars. The general rule of thumb is, the cleaner the audio source is, the easier time the algorithm has in detecting chord quality. If you are in a quiet room, the on board microphone of the iPad does a really good job, but anytime you are in a noisy environment, especially with a lot of talking, the algorithm will have a harder time, so any chance you can to do direct in is advisable. Here are a list of products we have used and recommend:
        - IK Multimedia - iRig 2

        - IK Multimedia - iRig HD2

        - IK Multimedia - iRig Pro

        - IK Multimedia - iRig Acoustic

        - Shure MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone

        - IK Multimedia - iRig Blue Turn
        - Coda Music Technologies - Stomp Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal
        - Donner Wireless Page Turner Pedal
        Changes *should* work with any compatibile audio hardware devices for iPad. If you have a device that isn't listed, and is not working with Changes, please drop us a line at moc.ppacisumsegnahc%40pleh and we'll see what we can do to help.
      • What about my iPad Pro 3rd Generation?

        With the latest iPad Pro 3rd Generation, there are no longer lightning connectors OR headphone jacks. This does create an issue, especially for the iPad musician with existing gear. We are going to discover every possible device that can work, but it may be that we just need time for hardware manufactures to make specific hardware for USB-C type connectors. In the mean time, you can use this USB-C to 3.5 mm headphone Jack adapter from Apple but the good news is the onboard mics for the new iPad Pro 3rd generation are really, really good. 
      • What chords can Changes detect?

        Here is a list of available chord qualities that the app can detect:

        - Major Triad

        - Minor Triad

        - Augmented Triad

        - Diminished Triad

        - Major 7th

        - Dominant 7th

        - Minor 7th

        - Sus 2

        - Sus 4

        We are working on ways we can detect more complex chords, as well as inversions. Thankfully, we have built the Chord Editor to allow you to notate more complex chords with extensions and slash chords. Feel free to play Double Diminished 7th chords, or other chords, and Changes will at least get the root or other types correct and you can make your changes with the chord matrix.
      • Every time I play, the chords feel off or wrong, whats going on?!

        The algorithm in its current implementation is very literal. For example, if I play a C major 7 chord, and don’t put enough volume into the root C, the algorithm may interpret the chord as an E minor triad. If you are a very skilled player who loves playing very complex extensions as well as lots of inversions, the algorithm may have challenges with that, especially on guitar. The algorithm needs a lot of root and 3rd energy to get an accurate interpretation of the chord. We are definitely working on this, but do not have a firm date when the updates will go live. We hope that even with your complex playing, you should be able to get a good rough draft of your chord sheet, and quickly edit the sheet to your preferred chords. We are definitely looking for feedback, so if you find Changes does not accommodate your type of playing or the editing process is not fast enough, let us know at moc.ppacisumsegnahc%40pleh and we’ll make it better!