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      About The Company

      Augmented Triad Software LLC.'s mission is to make tools for musicians, from beginner to pro, and make the process of idea to stage as easy and fun as possible. The world is richer with more live music!

      Augmented Triad Software formed in early 2018 as a collaboration between two lifelong musicians and their brilliant friends. Max and Andrew arrived at our core suite of ideas in the months following the ’18 Winter NAMM show, beginning the development of Changes that summer. Powered by Atharva’s virtuosic code base, we were able to soft launch a year later at ’19 Winter NAMM. We truly believe Changes is a distillation of our experiences with music and technology; we hope our conduit will find a place in your creative process and look forward to our project growing with you.

      AudioKit for being the most sophisticated audio library for iOS. We could not have made Changes without the hard work of all the contributors and the amazing community it fosters.
      NYC Music Services for their extrodinary Pori font, which we use as our main font for the chord sheet. They also so kindly made our wonderful NAMM video and have been so supportive.
      Work Petaluma for a quiet and wonderful place to write code late into the night.
      Keller Street CoWork for the amazing beer and kombucha, beautiful furnishing, and amazing couch for a power nap.
      Acre Coffee for being the literal fuel for the development, and the incredible staff for the perfect cup of coffee.
      Blend Station for the inspiring and beautiful public space to work, incredible food and coffee, and such friendly staff.
      Special thanks to Helen, Miles, David (2x), Avram, Lalit, Yashraj, Ashalata, Pradeep, Eric (2x), Amy, Bryan, Shahin, Alan, and Viktor for their endless support, encouragement and feedback.
      Photography Credits from Pexels:Matt HardySaurav SenEdward Eyer Pixabay