Chord sheets for a New Era

      Changes gives you the ability to transform your ideas into standards. Whether you're just starting out or embarking on a year-long tour, Changes is here to help. 



      Press record and play while Changes listens and captures your ideas in real time. Once you’ve finished, press stop and watch as a potential verse, chorus, or bridge is quickly transcribed into an easily-readable chord sheet.



      Once your ideas are captured, refine your chord sheet with our intuitive chord and bar editor. 



      After refining your ideas, let Changes do the legwork. Simple gestures quickly and efficiently arrange your ideas, allowing for increased playtime and creativity. 



      Arrange Songs into Setlists and have all of your songs orginized and ready to perform for solo practice, band rehersal, studio time, or the stage!


      As working musicians, we built Changes with a host of features to make it as easy as possible to go from idea to the stage, and to make that process as smooth and easy as possible.

      Chord Transcription

      Simply play your piano or guitar and Changes transcribes the chords!

      Beautiful Chordsheets with just a tap

      Don't have your instrument handy? No problem, you can chart out a whole song with our elegant UI.

      04_23_18 135 UI 03 Basic

      Elegant Arranger

      One of the more dynamic features of Changes is the ability to stitch together ideas to create songs more organically, allowing for increased playtime and creativity. 

      Export to DAW

      Export your chord sheet as a MIDI file and/or your reference recording. Freeing up precious time for you in the studio. 

      Transposition on the fly

      Transpose any chord sheet to any key. If it's to help fit you or your singer's voice better or help your horn players with transposing instruments, all with the tap of a button.

      Share sheets

      Share the smallest idea to hour long set list to your entire band. With the ability to share chord-sheets up to seven other musicians, your ensemble no longer needs to worry about assembling slapdashed music binders, illegible set lists, or forgotten sharpies. 

      iCloud enabled

      Changes automatically syncs all of your chord sheets with your Apple ID. Never have to worry about losing your device, or transfer to another, as Changes will automatically sync and store all of your sheets protected by Apples security certification.

      iPad Accessories

      Changes supports most iPad acessories. Direct line in for Guitar, external microphones, bluetooth food pedals. Check out our FAQ for a list of tested devices.

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      Changes at Winter NAMM 2019